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A new book by Clint Rutledge

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I love this book! It delivers great lessons for living a purpose driven life in a creative and easy way. I couldn’t put it down!"

Jack Canfield, Coauthor of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series 

"Clint is an exceptional writer, a remarkable storyteller, a coach. He is coaching us through this incredible book. Sit at his feet and learn." 


Dr. Derwin L. Gray

Co-founder & Lead Pastor of Transformation Church

Author of, How To Heal The Racial Divide: What the Bible Says, and the First Christians Knew about Racial Reconciliation

Strong and Courageous in the Media

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"A heart-warming story full of life lessons"

Robert Lewis - Author of Raising a Modern Day Knight, Men's                                        Fraternity, and A Better Man curriculum.

"Strong and Courageous delivers an important message for teens and parents of teens in today's challenging world."

Matt Rhule - Head Coach of the Carolina Panthers

Why do Teens and parents of teens need this book?

It is tough being a teenager today.


The feelings of insecurity and the hormones are the same as they have always been and questions like Where Do I Fit In and Who Do I Want To Be are still floating through high school hallways. But, in today’s world the stakes seem higher. Kids not only have to know how to navigate the physical world where they live (their home, their family; their school, locker room, etc.). They also must navigate a cyber world that is much bigger, more addictive, and more connected than the world has ever known.


How is a teen supposed to do it? How do they make good choices and make a difference? If they are bold enough to stand for something, then how do they handle the naysayers who will inevitably pull out their phones and “bravely” criticize from behind their screen protectors?  Most importantly, amidst all the negative things vying for their attention, how do teens discover their purpose and live a successful life? 


Now, more than ever, we need to be filling the minds of our teenagers with positive thoughts. They need to be reminded that they have been uniquely created with gifts and passions for this very moment in history. God has much bigger plans for them than merely getting likes on Instagram or Twitter. When we remind our teens that they are unique, they are gifted, and they have a purpose, we point them towards a bigger picture of life and what it can hold. Strong and Courageous was written for that purpose. It is meant to inspire teens to look beyond their current situation into a bigger brighter calling for which they have been created.

So, if you are a teenager trying to find your way, or a parent of a teenager that wants to put something positive in front of your kid, pull up a chair. If you are wondering if you have what it takes to overcome your doubts and fears, how to make that big decision, or how to approach life’s newest challenge, grab some coffee and find a quiet spot.  Bring your worries, your concerns, and your fears, and let God speak to you though this book.


Maybe through the story of the young hero Josh, and his mysterious teacher Mo, you will discover just what it means to be Strong and Courageous...

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